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WHY ozOn?


Based on our proprietary approach, we are ranking all applicants as they apply. You will have information on job status as soon as all applications arrive.


Based on processed resumes and ranked applicants, ozOn will let you know what candidates are a potential good fit.

Resume Parser

Don't lose time on opening and reading resumes. Get them automatically structured in ozOn AES.

Just facts

Our automated approach only works with experience candidates have. That way we ignore all sugar-coated parts and focus on things that can be verified and checked.

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Every job is defined in a database with 4 areas (skills, knowledge, work activities, and abilities) that are describing the expected knowledge level and level of importance for each given skill.

It is based on the Dreyfus model and the Linkert scale.

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Looking on experience, job knowledge database, and our automated approach, we will rank your candidates based on percentage fit for each competence. In the end, each candidate is enriched with its SWOT (Strengths, Weakness, Opportunities and Threats) analysis.

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ozOn —pioneering Applicant Evaluation System

Looking at every successful business and its strengths you can say that it is not only about their products and inventions that they sell, but the people who create them. You can have the best possible bottle of wine ever made, but if you don’t have the right people by your side making it all over again and selling it — you have nothing. Hiring ideal people for jobs can be tough, even if your hiring team is working their best. Sometimes you don’t have to hire someone new, but give the new job to the person who worked for you for years and would work twice as hard because you share the same ideal. That is why we have developed a new kind of AI-based system that will improve the way you handle your recruiting process.

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Coronavirus and remote working

2020 seems to have started with a real bang. Talking about the end of the world not being as we had expected, no zombies or Lucifer walking on the Earth (not that we know of), but rather something more simple and boring such as a virus (and it doesn’t even give you superpowers — Hollywood, I want my money back!). But, jokes aside, since the year started with the emerged Coronavirus, the world will never be the same — at least not this year.

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AI and recruiting

Have you ever watched Star Wars and R2D2 helping whenever the Jedi was in trouble? Or you watched Mitch and Cam from Modern Family having a relationship with their fridge naming it Bridget? Maybe you just have Amazon Alexa at home switching the lights, and all of it is an example of Artificial Intelligence.

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