Rocket speed hiring with CV parser and automated ranking of all applicants!

CV parser

Don't lose time on opening and reading CSv. Get them automatically structured in Ozon ATS


Based on propriatary algorithm we are ranking all applicants. You will have information on job status as soon as all applications arrive.


Based on processed CVs and ranked applicants, Ozon will let you know what candidates are potential good fit.

Based on experience

Ranking algorithm is only based on experience candidate has. That way we ignore all sugar coated parts and focus on things that can be verified and checked.

Detailed job database

Every job is definied in a database with 4 areas (skills, knowledges, work activities and abilities) that are describing expected knowledge level and level of importance for each given skill.

It is based on Dreyfus model and Linkert scale.


Based on experience, job database and our algorithm we will rank you candidates based on percentage fit for each individual competence. At the end each candidate is represented as one number, yet you can check per area and even area competences.

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